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Ethiopian Restaurant Indianapolis

Introduction to Ethiopian-Eritrea Dining

Ethiopian Restaurant Indianapolis

Dining in Ethiopia-Eritrea is characterized by the ritual breaking of injera and eating from the same plate, signifying the bonds of loyalty and friendship.  These bonds are often demonstrated in the form of gursha that is the placing of food in the mouth of another diner from one’s own hand INJERA, the traditional Ethiopian-Eritrea bread, is part of every entree.  It is pancake-like bread on which the various stew dishes are served. The traditional way of eating it is with your fingers, which in itself is a delicate are.  A bite sized piece of the injera is broken off to pick up a mouth full of the chosen dish.  At Major restaurant all dishes are free from artificial coloring, artificial flavoring and artificial preservatives.  We use vegetable oil in all vegetarian dishes. No butter, No eggs, No milk, and No honey.

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Authentic Ethiopian Restaurant Indianapolis