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33=YE-BEG WOT (SPICY) ————————$15.00
Tender pieces of lamb cooked onions, tomato and garlic.

34=YE-BEG WOT (MILD) ———————$15.00
Tender paces of lamb mixed with potato, carrots, onions, tomato and turmeric.

35=YE-AWAZE TIBS (SPICY) —————-$15.00
Tender pieces of limb cooked with onions, tomato, garlic, green pepper and rosemary.

36=YE- BEG ALICHA TIBS (MILD) ———–$15.00
Tender pieces of limb cooked with onions, tomato and rosemary.

37=GOMEN BE-SIGA ————————-$15.00
Tender pieces of lamb mixed with gomen (spinach) onion, tomatoes and garlic served mild or spicy.

38=DEREK TIBS ———————————$15.00
Savory lamb chunks dry fried with onions, green pepper and special seasoning.

39=SHIRO BE-SIGA —————————$15.00
Tender pieces of limb mixed with shiro (pea flour) onions, tomato, and garlic and lies spicy.

40=MISTO ————————————$15.00
Ye- beg wot (spicy) and ye-beg alicha (mild) combs.

41=SPECIAL YE-BEG TIBS —————-$18.00
Cubes of tender lions lamb special homemade sauce served with special CLAY PAT.

Tender pieces of lamb stewed with special homemade sauce served special CLAY PAT.